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Lease Accounting Engine & Subledger

  • Lessee, lessor: Designed to account for every type of lease transaction.
  • Document repository: Store all of your documents in one repository.
  • Balance sheet & income statements: Balance sheet and income statement (P&L) activity by period with ending balances presented by lease and consolidated.

Classification, policy elections, & judgements

  • Automatic classification: Automatic classification and capitalized value / rate computations for every lease, including detailed results of all capital / operating tests.
  • Practical expedients: Automatic application of practical expedient elections.
  • Lease and non-lease components: Native handling of lease and non-lease components.

Disclosures & reporting

  • Footnotes disclosure: Complete footnote disclosures of future rent commitments.
  • Consolidation reporting: Can be subtotaled and consolidated based on user-defined criteria.
  • Catch-up accounting: A lease that started prior to the current reporting period can be added to the database with a current booking date so that prior reports are unaffected.
  • Locking journal entries: Lock your journal entries to ensure consistency with your general ledger.

Classification, policy elections, & judgements

  • Bulk importing: Import a spreadsheet for quick implementation.
  • Customized fields: Customize data fields for import.

Data upload

  • Gregorian, 4/4/5, 13 period calendars: Any and all fiscal calendars can be maintained in the database.
  • Contingent rents: Contingent rents (variable lease payments) tracked separately from minimum lease payments. Seven different types of contingent rent can be recorded individually.
  • Notice dates: Automatic reminders of rent changes, lease expirations, and user-defined events.
  • Month-to-month lease extensions: Month-to-month lease extensions keep lease active after expiration.
  • Correction terminations: Correction terminations permitted to reverse activity previously booked without affecting closed reporting periods.
  • Historic data: A true lease accounting subledger can run all historic and future accounting from a single database.
  • Multi-company accounting: Manage multiple companies' lease data with a single login.


  • Video walkthroughs: Online user-guides and video tutorials to help guide you through transition.

System requirements

  • EZLease is a cloud-based application and can be accessed from all major, current browsers.

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