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Make compliance easier with ready-to-use ASC 842, GASB 87, GASB 96, and IFRS 16 examples

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We figure you probably don’t do lease accounting every day. To make your job easier, we’ve built a few simple examples that show how the lease accounting works under the current and previous standards for Capital/Finance leases and Operating leases. Each example has step-by-step instructions for lease accounting, including journal entries and disclosures to get you started.

At a glance, get the basics on Finance & Operating leases under ASC 842 / IFRS 16, and learn how the accounting used to be under FAS 13 / IAS 17 so it’s easy to see the difference. Or see how GASB 87  lease accounting works for lessees and lessors. Then, follow just a few steps to enter the data into EZLease.

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All free trial users get our simple bulk import which is prepopulated with the data needed to load these leases.  Or you can add your own leases, following the examples. We make it easy to see how the lease accounting works.

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Capital/Finance leases

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Capital/Finance leases

Capital/Finance leases

Operating leases

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