Fast and easy lease accounting

EZLease lease accounting software is a fast, easy, and secure way for lessees and lessors to achieve and maintain compliance for ASC 840, ASC 842, GASB 87, GASB 96, IAS 17, and IFRS 16 standards.

Most organizations start out managing lease accounting with spreadsheets, but errors are common and there is no data validation or audit trail. EZLease makes it easy to get and stay compliant by managing and accounting for:

“EZLease is so much easier than doing things manually with Excel.”

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Real estate leases

Track all real estate lease details, including gross and net leases with common area maintenance (CAM) charges and variable rents tied to market indices or performance metrics.

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Fleet, IT, and equipment leases

Track all equipment lease details, including fair market value, bargain purchase, SBITAs, and TRAC leases, as well as end-of-term scenarios such as renewals, buyouts, or returns.

The solution features an advanced lease accounting engine, and other critical functions required to achieve and maintain compliance, including:

Record-to-Report automation

Automated lease classification simplifies calculation of the initial valuation. As leases change, the accounting can be updated based on rent changes, contract modifications, impairments, and end-of-lease decisions.

Monthly close

Using standard reports, close the books while following defined internal control processes. Any changes booked in current or future periods, EZLease will automatically generate catch-up accounting entries in the open period.

Leasing subledger

Keep the details of lease amortization, depreciation, and interest and operating expenses as well as other journal entries in a dedicated subledger. EZLease supports accounting for leases at a lease, group, or portfolio level.

General ledger upload

After month-end close, use push- button reporting upload of journal entries to the general ledger. Use a simple export to upload to ERP systems.

Multi-company accounting

Manage multiple companies’ lease data with a single login. Supports CPA firms and organizations with multiple business units.

Multi-factor authentication

This process enables two-step, token- and app-based confirmation for user login. With this additional layer of security, clients’ data is safe and protected from unauthorized access.

Rapid Implementation

Rapid implementation

EZLease provides a simple and easy, multi-user, cloud-based application. Launch the app, upload leases, and comply with the standard in hours.

Customer Service

Expert customer service

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Additional lease accounting features
Support for complex lease accounting scenarios Automation of the record-to-report lifecycle Set of over 15 accounting and disclosure reports
Variable payments
Automated lease classification
Journal entries
Modifications, impairments, and reassessments
ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87,
and GASB 96 reporting
Disclosures table
Multi-company accounting
General ledger file upload
Classification summary
End-of-term events
Policy-based controls and MFA
Future minimum rents
Asset retirement obligations
Locking periods
Expiration dates
Lease, sublease, and non-lease components
Bulk import of in-life lease events
Notice dates

EZLease provides fast, simple lease accounting software for ASC 842, GASB 87, GASB 96, and IFRS 16 that ensures long-term compliance across equipment and real estate assets for lessees and lessors. With over 15 years of implementations across private, government and public organizations of all sizes, EZLease manages and automates lease data management and lease accounting and reporting processes, leveraging customer-first support and deep accounting expertise. 

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