Locating and Loading ASC 842 Leases | EZLease Quick Session Series

Thursday 7 October 2021

2:00pm ET | 1:00pm CT | 11:00am PT | Duration: 30 minutes

Learning objectives:

Learn the who, what, where and how of lease accounting.

Locating and loading | EZLease

Since the publication of the new lease accounting rules, one of the most common questions asked by companies is – How do I find out what we lease? In most cases, the real estate team knows what buildings are being leased. But what about all the other leases, for things like photocopiers, office furniture, laptops, servers, forklifts, trucks, cars, or even aircraft?

In this 30-minute Quick Start to Compliance session, leasing experts from EZLease will walk through the what, who, where, and how of locating your organization’s leases. Because lease accounting is easier if you break it down into the key steps to follow to get compliant, our quick start webinar series will do just that to ensure your lease data is complete and accurate.

Andrew Bazil | EZLease

Andrew Bazil

Solution Consultant


Janet Sifers, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Janet Sifers

Senior Director, Product Marketing


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