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Going Beyond GASB 87: Introducing GASB 96

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Learn to successfully implement compliance for GASB 87 & GASB 96


Lease accounting rules for governmental organizations have gone through several important changes in the past few years. To make adoption even more challenging, as teams are just getting started in adopting GASB 87, the standards board has added another requirement with GASB Statement No. 96, Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITA) – both standards affect organizations with fiscal years beginning after June 15, 2022, so now is the time to look at adoption. 

Lease accounting experts review the key elements of GASB 97 & GASB 96 so your organization can get ahead of the requirements and make the transition easier. Learn why the standards were introduced, key considerations for adoption, and how to successfully implement for compliance. We will show you how the right information and lease accounting tools can make your GASB 87 & GASB 96 compliance journey easier.

Lupe Garcia, CPA

Audit Partner


Andrew Bazil

Manager, Solutions Consulting


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