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Locating Leases for Lease Accounting Compliance

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Learn where to locate your lease agreements

Webinar: Locating Leases for Lease Accounting Compliance | EZLease

Getting compliant with the lease accounting standards often means starting with a scavenger hunt to figure out how many leases you have and where they are. In most cases, it’s easy to figure out what buildings are leased. But what about embedded leases or all those equipment leases, from photocopiers, office furniture, laptops, forklifts, trucks, cars, to aircrafts? 

Leasing experts  walk through the top places to locate your organization’s lease agreements and the data you’ll need to collect to get compliant. Learn where to start to ensure your lease data is complete and accurate. 

Alejandra | EZLease

Alejandra Elshaer

Solution Consultant


Nicole Wilhelm | EZLease

Nicole Wilhelm

Sr. Project Manager