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5 Steps To ASC 842 Lease Compliance:

The First 90 Days for Financial Controllers

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It's time to prepare for your journey to comply with ASC 842.

ASC 842 solution - compliance overview of ASC 842
As private organizations work on year-end close and head into audits, it is time to prepare for the journey to comply with the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. As we learned from the public companies that have already gone through this process, private organizations need to get started right away – the compliance journey is longer and requires more resources than you might expect. Join lease accounting experts, as they lay out a practical, 90-day plan to jump start your path to ASC 842 compliance in 5 critical steps.

Colleen Tigges

GM and SVP,

Brian McCririe EZLease | Lease accounting software

Brian McCririe

Managing Director,

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